No sound in Zorin 17 core

I am having issues with sound . In particular Zorin 17 . I have a Realtek audio in my Dell system. However, when I check the sound card in Zorin ,it only shows a creative labs option. I get the error sound card out of range. The format is dvd quality 16 bit 48000 quality, allowing applications to take exclusive control of this device is checked. This is installed in VM Ware work station 17
I am not sure as to what to do to alleviate this issue
Any help appreciated


Is this in Windows or a different flavour of GNU/Linux that you are running VM Ware?

Sorry for the omission. I am running Windows 11

Have you tried Microsoft WSL option instead of VMWare?

No, I haven't I will into it. As an update, I somehow got sound. However, it is very choppy or stuttery. As ideas appreciated

How much RAM did you allocate to Zorin on VM?

What happens when you run Zorin as a live .iso without installing? Any OS will not run as smoothly as a VM, regardless of the VM Software.

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