No sound! (only Dummy Output!)

Hi, ive been using Zorin for about a week now. My on-board speakers have never worked with Zorin, but im trying my best to figure out how to make them work.

I have Zorin on an acer 511 spin chromebook, meaning i do not have access to function keys by default, and i dont know how to change this.
meaning, i cannot use alsamixer.

on a fresh install of Zorin, no sound cards are even shown when i do aplay -l.

i will send any information or specs necessary to get help!

Welcome! :smile:

So I see there's two models, do you have the 4GB or the 8GB model? I have a 4GB Gateway 11.6 notebook about the same setup, 2-in-1 kinda deal. But, I have an N4020 with 4GB of RAM..

Pain in the butt to get the sound working; I had to downgrade and install a custom version for the essx8336. Turns out on some kernels I just had to run some commands to get going.

Likely due to driver..

Run these:

amixer cset name='Speaker Switch' on 
amixer cset name='Headphone Playback Volume' 3,3
amixer cset name='Right Headphone Mixer Right DAC Switch' on
amixer cset name='Left Headphone Mixer Left DAC Switch' on 
amixer cset name='DAC Playback Volume' 999,999 
amixer cset name='Headphone Mixer Volume' 999,999

If it gives you errors on any of the commands, definitely driver related. Won't affect anything if they don't work either.

What do you get if you issue sudo lspci | grep -i audio or sudo lshw -C multimedia? lspci should show you the device HW ID, usually a xxxx:xxxx format.


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