No success installing Quicken to Zorin Core 17

I am trying to install Quicken Premier 2023 (Quicken.exe version
The installation via Zorin Windows App Support instructions (Windows App Support - Zorin Help)
It runs the Quicken Install Wizard, to the location"C:\Program Files (x86)\Quicken"
Goes OK for a bit, but then apparently requires and so does an install of MS .NET Framework.
This goes for a short while, then fails with an error code.
(I searched on it, but did not find a specific answer to my situation)
Error: An error has occurred while installing Quicken. Quicken Failed to install - Exit Code: 1627."
I looked into the Quicken install logs (I think) 3 of which are smallish 5 KB, and the Install.log is 3.7 MB large but I didn't figure any workaround.
My guess is that the Microsoft .NET components is the part that failed.

Has anyone had success installing Windows Quicken to Zorin?
When I searched I only found some comments that indicated that sometimes older (much older) versions of Quicken could be installed, but that the constant changes by Quicken usually resulted in folks not being able to install recent Quicken versions to Linux.

Zorin CORE, v 17.1r1 and updated as of the date I tried to install Quicken, June 12 2024.
Thinkpad X1 Carbon G6.
It is dual booting Windows 10 pro and the above referenced Zorin Core 17.

Other thoughts?
(I am thinking to create a separate topic with request for recommendations, experiences with Linux native home bank personal finance programs...)

It may be an idea to widen your search.
Have you searched the web using "Quicken Ubuntu 22.04" or similar searchterm.
or tried the WINE forum.

I personally have given up using Wndows App Support / Play-on-linux / WINE and rely on dual-boot for Windows apps.

Having just searched on it does not get a mention. crossover is the commercial arm of to aid funding of developing wine. The other item to check is what version of wine is in use. The current version is 9 but still no guarantees.
Icd also take a look here if it is a .net issue:

Thanks for the several ideas and suggestions.
I looked into those and also tried to figure out exactly how much of Quicken and dotNET got installed.
Apparently, not much of the dotNET, perhaps because there was not ASP.NET component install failed as well as the dotNET 4.6.1. Anyway, it looks like too big of a chore to be testing [several] versions of dotNET stuff, all with the only possibility of being maybe successful enough for Quicken to install.

So I am going to try to remove the Quicken and give a serious look at some of the Linux financial programs. Moneydance and Homebank being the two leading possibilities so far.

Since there is not any Windows Control panel>Programs (or Programs and Features)>Uninstall, it would appear that I may just end up using FSearch to find all references to Quicken and remove those folders.
I did try the special manual tool from of Qcleanui.exe and msiclean32.exe, which ran but did not seem to accomplish much... it being in Wine bottles and all.

This brings up the question of, how best to remove failed Windows applications, that is,
How best to remove all the components that got stuffed into the HD (SSD) for an attempt to installing a Windows EXE program which failed and needs to be cleaned out?