No support for touch screen displays?

Hi everyone, I installed OS17 today but realized that my touch-display from my surface clone (HP Spectre x2 / model: 12-c012dx) is not supported. I am new to ubuntu in case you have any tips what to do please explain a little bit more a non linux guy can follow :kissing:

Thank you for helping

I have done a bit of websearching for you using: "HP Spectre x2 touchscreen ubuntu 22.04". One user suggested running Xorg instead of Wayland at login screen (click gearwheel icon bottom right).

Thanks, unfortunetely this Xorg option did not make any difference after logon. Touch is totally disabled.

Install Synaptic Package Manager from Software, launch it (you will need to provide your login password to elevate you to root), search for touch screen and see if this and any of the packages listed it above it are present:

That was a promising tip, I installed a couple of items all associated with touch but this was either no luck. Thank you for trying to help.