No USB Peripherals on ThinkCentre M700


I am having similar problems on two Linux distributions, Solus and the latest Zorin Core. After one of not so recent updates USB devices have started to not be recognized after boot up. In other words, the system boots up but I cannot use either mouse or keyboard.

On Solus, I used a workaround of installing an earlier Linux kernel version.

The problem exists only on my mini-PC, Lenovo ThinkCentre M700. Two other machines, Lenovo ThinkPads, work just fine under Linux.

Has anyone had such problems? Please help me to diagnosticate and fix them.

P. S. Here is a respective thread on Solus forum: Lost Peripherals after Recent Update - Solus Forum

P. P. S. Just a guess. Could this description be relevant? How to configure the Linux kernel/drivers/usb/input | How To Wiki | Fandom

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