No wifi on zorin 15.3 lite

Hi, Ive used Zorin for about eight years with only minor issues. Wifi fine.
My 15.2 slowed substantially after update to 15.3 so time fro a fresh install.
I installed 15.3 LITE and its all working but no wifi. No wifi in settings no wifi anywhere. Did update & upgrade, no joy.
Any help appreciated.

What is the terminal output of iwconfig?

lo no wireless extensions.

enp2s0 no wireless extensions.

No listed wlpXX?

Could you give me an output of

Thanks chaps, your comments prompted a check of the hardware (because I've recently added a GPU) and I'd dislodged the wireless card (because it doesnt have a plate). All working, many thanks.


Glad to hear that your problem is solved.
This case reminds me of a golden rule when I was involved in a system integration business many years ago: Suspect the connectors first