No wifi or bluetooth - fresh install Zorin OS 17

I have a brand new Beelink EQ12 with a M.2 2230 WiFi 6 (or 802.11ax) Intel AX101 card which also provides Bluetooth 5.2 and no wifi or bluetooth adaptor is detected. Any help is appreacited. Both were detected by Windows prior to me installing Zorin.

Hi, I also have a Beelink system although it is a SER 6 and initially it didn't show either of the Wireless or Bluetooth icons in the taskbar after installing Zorin 17 Core.

I was able to activate them by going to the Settings screen under Network and BlueTooth sections.

Thank of the suggestion, but that did not solve my issue. I had to upgrade the linux kernal to 6.4 as the AX101 card requires 6.3 or higher. I made the upgrade using the mainline installer. Good to go now.


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