No WLAN possible

Excuse my bad English, i never have learned, I have self-made English.
I changed my 10 years old PC with a new motherboard MSI B460 Tomohak. There are 2 Chips for LAN and WLAN:
LAN: Intel 1219V with 1 Gbps
WLAN: Realtek RTL8125B with 2.5 Gbps
I tried to install Zorin 15.3 Ultimate and Zorin 16 Core Beta
Never the installed Zorin will find the Realtek Chip for connection to the Internet. I don't have LAN, only connection to the Repeater with the Realtek Chip an Zorin will not find this chip. Other Linux find this chip very good: openSUSE, Siduction, Emmabuntüs etc.
Can i get help?
Thanks for help ( i am an old man with 88 years)

Could you please try the steps here: and post back whether or not that works? Thanks.

PS - I based my search off Ubuntu 20.04 which is what Zorin 16 is based on. Please try the solution on Zorin 16.