Non Responsive after 16 days uptime

Running Zorin Lite 17.1 and after 16 days uptime had to hard reboot my machine after it locked the day before as the mouse or keyboard would not wake up the machine. I dont use suspend or hibernate just lock and turn off display. Any clues to fix?

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Arguably i'd say that its remarkable to see a distro/linux desktop setup have a uptime of 16 days without any freezes, crashes or whatever. I personally turn on and off my pc everyday. I believe a machine benefits from it.

While in the past it was rumored or maybe even proved to slow down your PC over time. I believe technology has come to such a state where this is no longer a problem. And will argue that your PC actually benefits from this cooldown (especially the OS).

I guess you just reached a "in-operative state" and that's just about it. If it works now after a hard reboot. Then i wouldn't worry about it.

I am known to run my computer without any shutdowns for weeks to even months at a time.
To me, a couple of weeks necessitating a hard reboot would seem unusual.


Interesting :thinking: Funny how different people are and their usecases :joy:

Unfortunately, I've dealt with Zorin OS 17 (both 17.0 and 17.1) being frozen couple of times.

I'm using Zorin OS on my notebook, which is normally connected to 2 external monitors. But then I'm taking the notebook with me (without monitors), and then it got frozen, sometimes, when I'm connecting the monitors back.

Also, sometimes it got frozen sometimes after online talks when I'm sharing screen, which seems to be kind of a critical condition.

I believe it is rather the problem of Wayland, as I have much less troubles in X11 session. I'm not sure though that XFCE of Zorin Lite uses Wayland or X11, but make sense to check.

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Lites uses X11 or at least it should. There was an update to recently.