Not able to connect l2tp/ipsec VPN to Mikrotik router on ZorinOS 17

ZorinOS 17 Pro comes with network-manager v. 1.36..6-0ubuntu2 which has a bug described in this bug report. This is a problem when user is trying to connect to l2tp/ipsec VPN on a Mikrotik or other vendors routers. Is there any known way to solve this issue or a way to bypass it by autodelete wrong routing table enty after vpn is connected?

Have you tried downgrading the package for network-manager-gnome specifying the 1.34 version?

It's not that simple. I've managed to solve my problem by setting up mikrotik routers so that the routing problem is solved. Local IP address on ppp profile was a WAN public IP address. I was able to do that but users that do not have admin privilages on VPN router are unable to use Zorin 17 in a bussiness or work because of that problem.

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