Not Able To Install Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool Instead I Have Installed Windows App Support

I Was Trying To Install Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool, I have Installed Windows App Support, But When I Try To Install The Program The Installation Fails Without Running, And I Get This Message

Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool Requires .NET Framework Or Higher, Please Install, .NET Framework 2.0 And Restart Setup

I tried installing Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool, and I am getting the same error. For some reason, I couldn't install it even after installing .NET Framework 5.0. By the way which language do you want to use?


You can go to settings->Region and Language->Under Input Sources click on '+'->more (the three dots) -> other -> and then you can choose Hindi.
There are three options: Bolnagri, KaGaPa and Wx. I prefer Wx. That way you won't need Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool.

I Also Used That But It Didn't Meet My Needs As I Type Hindi Using Phonetic Transliteration

Well, I don't think there is any other way, because I did a lot of research before installing linux and i could not find any utility that uses phonetic transliteration yet. It took time, but i managed to learn the Hindi(Wx) layout:

Okay But I Think That Installing .NET Core Can Help Cause Its Open Source Availabel On Linux Have You Tried That And Its Same As .NET Framework

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can i use .NET core instead of it as its open source and you can install it on linux without using wine

I have never tried it- hopefully others can say... But you might just test it out. If it doesn't work, you can always just remove the package.

okay if it works for me what should i do so other people also know about it

You can mark your post suggesting it as a solution. :wink:

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It worked for you?? I installed .Net core and it didn't work for me. Could you tell the steps?
Edit: I installed .Net Framework not Core. Let me try core.

No it did not work. Could you tell me what steps did you take?