Not able to use my internet on zorin lite

I installed Zorin Lite on my system today, and I used the internet on my system only once. But when I restart and try to access the internet again, I'm facing a problem. I am unable to access the internet for some reason. I am using USB tethering for internet access. The notification shows that I am connected, but when I open Firefox, it shows an error.

Can you please run

sudo lshw -C network

in the terminal and post back the results so that we can find the cause of the problem. Thanks!


I've noticed that it says

WARNING: output may be incomplete or inaccurate.

That's because you didn't run the command as the super user (sudo at the start of the program).

Not to make you annoyed or anything.

I'm sorry for my previous image..i forgot to type sudo... I'm using linux for the 1st time.
this is my 2nd this i did it right.

I'm seeing that autonegotiaton is off and duplex is set to half. That might be the problem, but I don't know since even though my title is Guidance Counsellor, I'm still learning about these problems. Maybe someone else can help you with this problem. Sorry.

no problem..thank you for trying and helping me..i hope someone will help me

Can you please post the terminal output for

lspci -nn

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