Not exactly an 'issue' but

I have an old 80GB iPod video (I can already hear the groans and rage-mouse-clicks back lol) - new battery, works great bla bla bla. Fast forward to now - so, I'm transferring some music from Zorin to my iPod with Rhythmbox aaaaand it messes up my space and the DB somehow. I'm not 'syncing' btw - and GTKPod does work, though I don't have a way to get videos in except with iTunes. Handbrake is.. frivolous now for converting for iPod. Have tried with a blank Pod and actually syncing with Rhythmbox and same result. Shows I have like 200EB (exabytes) - and that's just, flattering :joy:

I'm still wondering what's going on with Rhythmbox - previous versions I had used waaay back in the past worked without any issues. Still had to use iTunes for videos, then update the database in Rockbox for new music. Weird...

Did see there's a stable flatpak version of Rhythmbox in the Software Center, little newer - if anyone has any experience with that and iPod, feel free to input. I am trying to get away from iTunes but, if I can't no biggie.. already restored it like 3 times trying different syncing techniques - that ended up not what I wanted in the end. I like the album art and other little things I can do with iTunes I can't really do in Rhythmbox / GTKPod.

Rambling over!

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With Rockbox, maybe.. I almost have the video part figured out for mpegplayer - need to figure out sound now.. handbrake isn't playing well!

I'll see what happens when I try that; if I don't use iTunes / GTKPod / Rhythmbox, it may not add correctly. In the folders, there's a lot of weird labeling I'm assuming iTunes is doing for the DB.

Well - GTKPod it is!

Was looking around through settings / plugins, found some video stuff that wasn't enabled. Turned all that on and now I can see all my music videos, movies, and of course - the music.

Need to play around with more stuff to see what's what. Right now, minus aesthetics, it reminds me a little bit of older iTunes with the artist / album tabs.

Hope this helps someone down the line!

Now.. if I could just figure out how to reload firmware without iTunes :thinking:........

Update on the firmware without iTunes: Restore iPod without iTunes - <--- Someone already beat me to it! :laughing: But - seems right now only Windows.. sadly.


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