Not loading at start up except through bios

I did a side install. When I start my computer it starts on Windows. The only way I can start up Zorin is to go into the bios. I’ll usually do that when I start my computer and tapping on the esc. Is there a way to fix it so I can choose witch I want to run at start up?

do u mean an dual boot. so u have windows and zorin installed, but while booting it will start windows instead of zorin??
If so u can use boot repair to fix this.

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Leaving it as as is can have a benefit, no need to worry about boot loader overwrites. As stated above install boot-repair and look at the options carefully.

Your grub efi partition was written to the other disk or another partition on the same disk. If you are really wanting to see the grub menu and have that choice (this cannot be undone except to reinstall windows boot manager over what you will do below) here are the easy instructions:

Boot into the live image again. Load the try Zorin and open gparted. Delete the 500+mb ubuntu (grub) efi partition (it should be after windows partition before your ext4 root partition if on the same disk. )

On the desktop, choose install zorin (you won't be doing formats so it will only be specifying the mount points). Choose the "Something Else" method.

At the partition screen, (don't get click happy), in the window at the top you will see the 100+mb efi for windows [windows boot manager], take note of the name. In the dropdown box below the partition window choose that partition for grub.

In the top window again, search for the ext4 partition. Select it and hit the gear in the bottom left. In the dialog box that comes up, click the do not use and change to ext4 (it will be the larger of the two if a swap partition was created as well) . Above it, choose the mount point " / ".
Do NOT format.

If there is a swap partition (will be same as or up to double your ram), perform the same but mount at "/swap".

Hit ok, click yes and commit changes to disk, finish the install.

This puts grub where Windows Boot Manager was, replacing it., without touching your installation.

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