Not recognising my 2nd DVD drive

If it sees the drive in the lshw command, but won't mount it, I am wondering if the one cable is broken. Since you tried one cable, that was working, on both drives, and both showed, I would say it is this reason the second drive won't mount.

There is most likely a break in a wire in the cable that intermittently allows voltage, which would definitely act as you have described. Since not all of the wires are broken, some information is passed, but doesn't allow a mount.

Try another cable for the second drive, and ensure that it is completely seated (you don't have to stand on it, but give it some pressure). Check the bios for the second drive, and if it possible, set it as child/slave.


My thoughts too!

Sorry I have not replied before now but had computor down video card cooling fan seized up causing overheat and shut down. All fixed now took out video card removed fan and stripped it down cleaned an lubricated it.
Any way before that happened I tried just about every thing even made a bootable USB and installed on a old hard drive with windows XP as a dual boot same thing only one drive shows so I downloaded Linux Mint XFCE this was my other choice of Linux installed via USB exactly the same
.Zorin is much faster and smoother than Mint I am glad I chose it.
So I am going to leave well alone as everything is working fine I said before I do not require both drives now. Thank you for all the help its been a learning curve into Linux I enclose two screen shots one of Window 7 in Virtualbox showing both drives working and one o Virtualbox showing both drives listed very strange there must be a solution somewhere but for now I will leave it Thanks for everthing

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Sorry forgot screen shots told you Im going senile