Not sure if it's safe to get rid of these snaps

I'm about to completely get rid of ALL snaps and then snap itself so I'm left with only native packages and flatpaks. But I do not recognize what these are, is it safe to remove them or will they break something?

Given how it's supposed to be a containerized environment, same as Flatpaks, I would guess it's safe to remove. This however would be a good opportunity to look into Timeshift or some other backup solution, to take a snapshot of your system before doing anything, and revert back to in case something breaks.

In any case, I would recommend uninstalling one by one and read whatever message appears telling you what is about to be removed. My guess is that the only one that could give you some problems is snapd itself, so pay attention to that one.

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I just checked and yes, red is a youtube client that I downloaded some months ago, but I never actually used it so I forgot about it and didn't even remember the name :sweat_smile:

Same seems to be the case with krita

So those are safe to remove, but just in case the others aren't, I'm gonna do what zenzen suggested and make a backup with timeshift

Yes, they are all safe to remove.

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