Notebook computer not showing Context Menu

Desktop PC has no issue like this. Only in my laptop has this problem. Chrome and Chromium both browser has the same problem. I install the browsers from Zorin software store.

And the right click menu problem is only happen when I click upon an URL.

Which Browser/Browsers?
Causing this Problem.

Chrome and Chromium both browser

Use the terminal, to Reinstall Chrome. Don't use chromium browser install code if you don't want it.

sudo apt purge google-chrome-stable
sudo apt purge chromium-browser
cd ~/.config
rm -rf google-chrome
sudo apt autoremove

Then Install,

sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb
sudo apt install chromium-browser
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@mazedul. I see no reply to ghostminator's important question about "how did you installed it?"
e.g. did you install browser as Snap, Flatpak or apt, also dd you install from Software Store or elsewhere?

Thanks I replied, maybe you didn't notice.

Thanks for the proper solution. This is worked.

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