Notepad Equivalent

hi, im trying to find a very light "notes to go" for Zorin or any Ubuntu that equivalent to Notepad in Windows. what i mean is like click then -zap!- open already. so im not going to wait for like 15 sec to open LibreOffice or OnlyOffice.... any input appreciated.

ps. and where can i download it? is it from Zorin Software app?


You can try gnote

sudo apt install gnote

Isn't there a simple text editor installed by default? Or, if you're looking for something to sync between devices you can download simplenote ( or install it using the Zorin software app.

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gedit by default, zaps when I open it :smiley:

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Just search for the word text and geddit comes up in the list.

Quick simple, all you asked for.

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You mean something near notepad++? I wondering if in Zorin is something near that software?

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snap packages have notepad++
Easily Install Notepad++ on Ubuntu and other Linux Distros or using a wine.
3 second start notepad. Well if you have old PC could be a longer.

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