Novice needs help from an expert-boot repair

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Can you please see if you can find a reason that my Zorin OS core 16.1 will not boot after third successful boot, requiring boot repair regularly? If you identify the problem would you please offer help?

Do you have or did you previously have Windows installed on that same Drive?

Are you booting in Legacy (MBR) or EFI?

Is Secure Boot disabled in BIOS / EFI settings?

Windows was previously the only system in that computer and now cotton is the only.
Efib and yes secure boot is disabled

I asked about Windows OS, because when Windows is installed, it can, occassionally, corrupt the EFI partition that contains the bootloader (It can corrupt the primary drive, too, in the same manner).
When this happens, there is very little indication of the corruption except that boot struggles to work.
The solution is to remove the EFI partition that contains the bootloader, then create a new one (make it 512 megabytes). The easiest next step is to reinstall Zorin OS fresh, with all personal data and files backed up... But you could (again) run boot repair after replacing the EFI partition.
You also could use efibootmgr to manually instruct Zorin OS to find the PARTUUID and add the boot entry.

If i remove the partition and then restore zorin using rimeshift would that work?

I am not fully understanding your question...
Timeshift will have no effect at all on the bootloader.

If you mean, use Timeshift to restore Zorin OS after reinstalling Zorin OS on a new partition, then it may work. Some users have reported success doing so, but others have reported data loss or restoration failure trying that.
Timeshift is not intended to be used as Clonezilla is used...

I will give that a try. Thank you!

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