NTFS as data partition

Hello guys,

I have Zorin OS on my SSD drive and other data on my HDD that is NTFS format, my problem is when I mounted partition on startup, the Move to Trash feature is disabled, and My HDD is about 9Tb I can't format it in EXT4, what do yo suggest to have this feature beside the mounting drive on startup.

Thanks for your attention. I’m looking forward to your reply.

Gday @Abdulhalim ,

Have you checked "Permissions" for the HDD?

This is the same drive in "Disks".

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Before mounting, my account has the permissions but after mounting the disks at the startup, all permissions is for roots.

Sorry i read it as , you couldn't delete files.

Ok, Open "disks" select your drive you wish to mount on startup. Highlight the NTFS section, then click the Gear :gear: , select "Edit mount option"
Turn On, "User session Defaults"

Hope this helps.


Thank you for your reply, I am transferring my files, I would like to format drives as EXT4 , I guess it's the better option.

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