Nvidia and Wayland

Wohaa!!! With the new NVidia 560 driver and their wayland implant made Solus OS - Gnome 46 lightening fast and my Plasma 6 is now useable.

Kodus to Nvidia, but to Autumn I'm switching to AMD GPU when I buy my new computer.


Wayland actually become usable. Running some few more tests... I need to test games as well.


So, the new Explicit Sync Wonder Tech seems to make a good Work, yes?

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Finally, the time to try out hyprland draws near...

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I still don't like Plasma 6 because menus that worked in 5.27 no longer work in 6.

Holy Venelope Von Shweets, thats a big step! :astonished:

I know that Nvidia is facing a lot of scrutiny now days, due to the descisions they are making to focus on business enterprise solutions, as well as their huge investment into AI. Plus they recently surpassed Microsoft, and many other companies, as richest in the nation.

But when it comes to what GPU I'd trust more running under Linux with compatible support, its clearly Nvidia. When I bought my laptop in 2021, I made the right decision to go with Nvidia, cause I haven't had any problems.

But just a word of caution, if you go with AMD, be ready to have complications with Linux. And if its a brand spanken just released AMD GPU, it likely won't be covered under the current kernal with Zorin.

But in fairness, when I got my new computer, I technically was in the same boat with that, as I had to wait until the Zorin bro's updated the kernel in Zorin OS 16, before I could utilize the full functionality of my computer at the time.

I'm running bleeding edge distros, so I'm not to worried on that issue. But I looking forward to have a full AMD machine - and hopeful it will play nice :slight_smile:

The Chance is good when the Kernel are supporting Your new Hardware.