Nvidia driver unticked

Hey guys,

I wanted to update to the newer nvidia driver today but saw that following option is selected and can't be changed:

Strange thing is that when I'm on my nvidia x server settings it shows the current driver 495 as installed:

Any way I can change that to get to the newer version?


Have you install the current driver manually eg. from nvidia's homepage or other ways?

No, also via the Zorin additional driver lauchner

I'll come back later. my ISP is failing, so I'm writing this message via phone hotspot.

What happens if you run

sudp ubuntu-drivers autoinstall


I don’t know what happened but actually I am stuck in the boot screen… :smiley:

Can you relay what Nvidia card you are using?
Do you have an integrated card and Nvidia is a dedicated card?
Are you using the "nomodeset" parameter in Grub?

I am using the 1080 Ti via DisplayPort.

Not now, nomodeset will be my next step

This can add an element of trickiness...
Do you have an integrated card?

No integrated card - just the 1080 Ti.

Adding nomodeset got it to boot again

What about completly uninstall the nvidia driver and then install the latest?

Whats what I just did.

Seems to work again. The new driver is selected and nomodeset is disabled again. Thanks guys!

I will make sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall as solution.

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