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I received and installed a newer 2022 GeForce GTX 1630 graphics card today and found what I thought was the appropriate proprietary 535 driver for the card. I installed the selection from the driver utility and rebooted and thought all was well.

When opening the Nvidia settings I found the driver was un-configured. After trying various instructions to configure the driver I checked the Nvidia site to see what driver was recommended and found it was the 550.40.07. This driver was not offered in the driver utility.

I was able to get the driver from the linked testing PPA . Installed,rebooted and all was well. These drivers are in the testing phase, but were a solution for me.
Proprietary GPU Drivers : “Graphics Drivers” team


Got mine as well to my GTX 1070

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Should note that I tried the open source driver with the GTX 1630 and the screen was bright orange and yellow. :orange_circle::lemon:

Thanks for the share! Hopefully this clears the current issue/topic?

Can you also let us know if you experience any other issues while running that driver?

You're Welcome ! Yes, I'll report back if I see any problems. I'm not sure how long the drivers are tested before they reach the repository.

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