Nvidia GeForce G210

I have a Gigabyte GA970A-DS3-Rev.1 with a FX 6350, 8GB ram and a Geforce G210 graphics card. After a clean install of Zorin 16 Pro (Windows 10 Dual Boot) and allowing updates, including Nvidia driver, I get a White Screen of Death (WSOD). Could you explain what I'm doing wrong, and suggest a possible course of action I could take to fix the issue.

I've removed GRUB and returned the PC to its original Windows 10 install for now as the WSOD prevents me from logging in to Zorin afterwards.

The only driver for nvidia you can use is 340.108. Did you check that hash for the iso file ? did it match ? no errors when installed on usb ?

There were no errors installing Zorin 16 Pro. That part is almost always flawless, and I never skip the check as it only takes a minute or two to complete. Updating the software goes well too. The issue I have comes when I switch from the default GFX driver to the additional NVIDIA driver. It fails to update to the new driver, and rebooting afterwards causes a WSOD. If I don't switch to the additional NVIDIA driver the system is fine.

From what information I have been able to find, is that Nvidia no longer provides support for that GPU, and thus, no modern driver is going to well, drive it.

Your best solution is the original one, and that is to run the Novueau driver.

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After an "Oh No! Something has gone wrong", Is there any way to get in to Zorin without re-installing from Scratch?

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