Nvidia GeForce GT 720M Not Detected on Dell Latitude E5440 Running Zorin OS - Seeking Assistance

Hey Zorin Community,

I recently installed Zorin OS on my Dell Latitude E5440, and I'm facing an issue with the Nvidia GeForce GT 720M graphics chip not being detected. I've tried various troubleshooting steps but haven't had any luck so far.

Here's what I've attempted:

  1. Checked Additional Drivers: Went to "Software & Updates" and navigated to the "Additional Drivers" tab. Unfortunately, the Nvidia driver isn't showing up here.

  2. Updated System: Ensured my system is up-to-date by running sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade.

I'm reaching out to the community for any insights or suggestions on how to resolve this issue. Has anyone encountered a similar problem with Zorin OS and Nvidia graphics cards? Any guidance on how to get the GT 720M recognized and functioning would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

You have indicated you have Core. Can we assume that is Z17 Core?
(We have people running either Z16 and Z17 at this time)

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Driver updates for Fermi based GPUs such as the 720m ended on all platforms (Windows / Linux etc) in April 2019 - Support Plan for Fermi series GeForce GPUs | NVIDIA

Since Zorin OS 17 is based on Ubunto 22.04 which was made long after april 2019 i guess that's the reason you cant install the proprietary driver for that gpu.

I have a GT730 Fermi card and I find the Nividia 390 driver available in the Zorin 17 repository. I had to check because I am waiting to upgrade. I don't know if a 720 used the same driver or not.

Don't know if this helps or hinders:

I find no kennel modules for the 390 driver since Z17 updated from the 6.2 to the 6.5 kernel. Swapped cards with another computer where the GT730 is still supported. My old GTX750 TI supports a much newer driver , so good to go for a while. Without a proprietary driver the fan screams on the Fermi card.

When Zorin 15 came out (based on Ubuntu 18.04) I discovered the minimum nVidia graphics card that would run was a GT730, I had a GT710. I upgraded to a Zotac GT1030.

I was curious why that card was so cheap when I bought it :smiley: I got many years out of it for the price. I had looked at the 1030 cards when I knew the 390 driver was going away. The GT730 will work on any OS running under a 6.5 kernel.