Nvidia GPU disappeared?

It seems like my GPU Nvidia RTX 3060 is not being recognised by system anymore.
Does anyone got an idea how to get it sorted out?

Also another question - starting Steam that i had previously downloaded as a flatpak and worked fine, crashes my system.

As soon as I start it up, it locks out my computer and goes to login screen - once logged in, my theme changes to the ubuntu one.
Any clue what the heck has happened here?

This is most likely related to the Graphics Driver not running.

This, however, is more notable. Please post the output of Neofetch here.

sudo apt install neofetch


already have in the first post.

LOL yeah... yeah you did... sorry about that.
According to that, you have Zorin Theme.
I do not see any Ubuntu theme, there.
Are you referring to the Login Screen GDM theme itself looks like the Ubuntu theme?

Not everytime, but sometimes yes.
Also do you know how come my GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU has disappeared and is using some other graphic instead?
It was not like that previously.
I do have nividia proprietary 510 driver installed yet graphic card isnt detected.

I am also using Nvidia 3060. Everything's working, though on Neofetch, it shows the Nvidia 01:00 just like yours. I am using the 510 Driver.
Where are you seeing that Nvidia has disappeared?

When you go settings - about it shows you your main card, not integrated.
My system was not detecting nvidia, only AMD integrated GPU.

I did a fresh install and everything seems to be working just fine - don't ask me what was going on there.

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Sometimes, a fresh installation works wonders...

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