In part of periodic maintenance, contacted NVIDIA tech support, regarding Flashing the latest GPU BIOS

for my NVIDIA (Pegasus) GTX1650;

The below listed link is what was provided:

Downloaded/Extracted (for LINUX) to what appears to be a NVFlash “.exe” file

Left double-clicked… no go… (.exe files are not for Ubuntu?)

...Maybe I’m missing something…

Below is the original text, sent to NVIDIA Tech Support:
It appears that the firmware updates for

Gainward GeForce® GTX 1650 Pegasus (DVI)

is only available for Wndows;

Do you know of a source for Linux/Ubuntu 22.04/Zorin OS 17

updating software?

thank you,


.exe Files are not runnig on Linux. If you want that they run you need something like Wine or Bottles.

But interesting that they send You an .exe File when you write about Linux. If you have a Dual-Boot System it would be an Option to make it in Windows.

I went to the link you posted and grabbed a copy of NVFlash for Linux as listed. It can wrapped in a .tar file, which I extracted.
The extraction provided an NvFlash program as a standalone program x-exectuable type, not an .exe

Can you please double check your download and source?

If that is still not working for you, installing it from source may work out better for you:

I recommend running any commands to flash the GPU while in TTY so that you are not actively using the Nvidia card when flashing it.
Then unload the modules:

rmmod nvidia_uvm nvidia_drm nvidia_modeset nvidia

Once completed, reload the modules:

modprobe nvidia_uvm nvidia_drm nvidia_modeset nvidia

Warning Note:

Directly flashing the Nvidia GPU is a viable option for some cases, but it always carries an element of risk. I highly recommend backing up all your personal files and data before proceeding. Only flash the GPU if it is necessary due to the age of the card causing problems that flashing will correct. This is not a "regular update" that should be performed as a routine maintenance action. On some older cards, it may cause failure of the card.

OK, thank you;
".tar", "tarball", etc. still a bit of Greek to me... need to do more homework :wink:
Understand "TTY" as being pre-GRUB flashing (understand this from my Windows days)... or, via the Terminal command lines you recommended (noted, thanks)
The download source is a direct copy of what was referred by Tech Support,NVIDIA, Deutschland... then to TechPowerUP (I have heard of them before; so far, always highly reliable for virtually everything NVIDIA)
BTW, when notified of (Zorin) updates, downloaded/installed;
Expanded to watch what was being installed... (yes, I do that, rather than leaving it minimized)
noticed "NVIDIA 535 firmware updates"

Started this in anticipation of Speech-to-text software install...

  • Which, AFAIK, can be pretty demanding on GPU. -
    To date no (known) issues with GPU performance
    ...Will press on and hope for the best.
    Again, many thanks, to all, for the assistance.
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Just like .zip, it means that it is a compressed file.
Calling it a tarball is a bit of fun.

Yes, the pre-desktop Terminal interface. It's just safe and convenient when dealing with graphics issues to not load the graphics before issuing commands for graphics drivers and the like. A little bit like booting into Windows Safe Mode. By not loading the things you are trying to fix, you do not have to worry about fixing while it is running damaging anything. Like not have a car engine running when removing the oil pan.

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