Nvidia praises and woes

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I see both categories has 'hates Nvidia'...

I've not used anything but Nvidia cards with my machines :smirk: I actually prefer it - but, to each their own!

I kind of want to get an AMD machine ........ Bah, who am I kidding; I know it'll be an i9 with something Nvidia :joy:

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I have just bought and fitted a more up to date Nivida card, everything runs well and fast on this duel boot machine, but when Zorin 17 comes out I intend to just run Zorin, could I be facing problems? also why do they call it a card it's huge nothing like a card? :joy: :joy: :joy:


In time it will be called a graphic brick. :upside_down_face:


Hey now, at least we're not still on SECC processors! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Talk about bricks!!

But yeah, even remembering the old GTX900 series back in the day - huge pieces of tech! But man, the blinding LED's would keep you from looking at it too long :joy:

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Nvidia closed production GTX in 2024 -why? Because they want selling more expensive graphic card NVIDIA.


Ohhh yeah - that thing was like $2,000!

Those were the days, man! Clear cases on everything, even monitor - blinding LED's Even had a clear case for my Xbox360 with an LED fan. I remember playing Halo 3 so much, the disc started to separate :joy:

My previous GPU was the GTX 980Ti. Unfortunately, it died in 2021, and given the high prices at the time, I opted to make do with the APU from my Ryzen 4600G.

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Ahhhh - that sucks! Good run though I bet :wink:

Had an MX400 myself; good ol Dell Dimension 4500 desktop haha! Killed that MX400 though - overclocked it without beefing up any cooling. It ran pretty solid for a good many years though! That was the first card I was able to get Beryl / Compiz working (when it was new-ish) - and Wine gaming (WoW). Good times :joy:


Well died old price coming to high price with poor components hardware what are produce in a "cheap countries".

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