Nvidia Settings Not Showing The GPU

I have a HP Laptop that has both an integrated GPU (AMD) and an NVidia RTX 3050 Laptop and I had many issues installing the Nvidia drivers. Even tho I chose to install them, the settings never shows the discrete gpu and does not alllow me to add profile and has many issues. Is there a way to fix this?

If you launch the app Software & Updates and navigate to the Additional Drivers tab, what Nvidia drivers are listed?
Which one do you have selected?
I recommend the 525 (proprietary).
The 530 gave some bugs...
The (tested) or (open source) can have issues with the Nvidia-Settings app.

This is what I have.

That driver should definitely work.
Have you installed Prime Select?

sudo apt install nvidia-prime

Please tap alt+F2 and in the popover launcher window enter in


Tap the enter key and relay if the settings window appears.

The binary file should be in /usr/bin/nvidia-settings

Yes, it is installed and the settings window appears. I tried reinstalling Zorin and while the NVIDIA settings don't let me make profiles on the GPU, I can now use the my GPU with games like Minecraft which didn't work before. Thank you so much for the help.

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