NVME Booting, disk drive mounting Zorin 17

Picked up Lenovo P520;
Will be installing Zorin OS 17 "Pro"
Purportedly, the BIOS allows to boot from NVME.
On-hand is 256GB NVME M.2.
Will also be installing 2 @ 2TB SATA SSDs.
The theory being is that NVME is considerably faster than SATA.
However, also have a rather large .flac music collection (ca. 160GB)
NVME is dev sda(1) drive, for booting,
If said music collection is on dev sdb drive (or subsequent drive),
Can this be added to music collection library (i.e. via VLC Media player) without having to manually "mount" sdb?
adding 160GB to a 256GB NVME may result in things getting a bit "crowded".
Or, simply install the whole shebang on the SSDs, just like the old dayes.

Yes, you can. Zorin OS generally mounts at startup for you, but if it is not, open Disks app, then click on the drive you want to automount - click on the Partition that your .flac collection is on. Now, click the Settings Gear Icon below it. Select the option for Edit Mount Options and set it to automount at boot.

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Ok, been all over you tube regarding creating partition for music collection that will be set to "automount" at boot... where media player (VLC?) will have access;
ctrl+alt+t (terminal)
sudo apt-get install gparted
[14-character password], enter.
the aforementioned videos ramble on about Virtual machines, etc. with cursor randomly buzzing across the screen, at they speak (a most irritatingly distracting habit)
all that said: to the point:
my machine:
/dev/nvme0n1 (the boot drive - forgot the ubuntu/linux name for this) - 256GB
/dev/nvme1n1 ( the second nvme drive, already formatted ext4 (which I named "nvme II"), where I would like to create a 150GB partition (possibly named "flac") to drag/drop the .flac music files, from my old win10 ssd) - likewise, 256GB
/dev/sda (an additional 2TB ssd for file storage of many,many years of research data)
/dev/sdb ( another 2TB SSD, possibly for use as backup data drive?)
/dev/sr0 (blueray drive)
requesting step-by-step procedure, or link thereto, to create said partition.
(your "automount" instructions are perfectly clear - thanks)
fwiw, while creating said partition, should nvme1n1 be mounted? or not?
the random ad nauseam variables(that do not apply to an original, standard, first-time install) has only added to the confusion... the aforementioned moquito-like cursor buzzing about, notwithstanding. (waaah! snif)
(fwiw, in my previous life of WinWorld, this function was under "administrative tools/disk administration"- after 50 years of MS, easy)
have I mentioned how much I appreciate your assistance?
again, muchas gracias

It looks like everything is a separate drive and you have only one partition you desire to make.
On Zorin OS, launch the File Manager and in the left pane, ensure that nvme1n1 is Unounted.
Next, launch the Disks app from the App Menu.
In the left pane, select the nvme1n1 drive.
In the right pane, you can make the edits to the partitions, add, remove or resize. Resizing operates with a Sliding Action.
Right click the partition you wish to manage and select the appropriate function. If you wnat a 150Gb partition, you can select resize and slide it or use the entry fields to determine a more precise size.

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Think he meant Unmounted (typo)


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