Oauth2 and Evolution

I have been looking for a couple of hours now online and on some other forums for an answer to this problem. Several people have commented that they really like the Evolution email client. So I thought I would give it a try. But I have found out that Gmail uses Oauth2 for authentication. I have only used Gmail online until now but thought it would be nice to be able to download my Gmails to Evolution. But everything I am finding out is that Evolution is not yet able to work with Oauth2. I tried it and got the same results as others have gotten that Gmail says Evolution does not support Oauth2. Does anyone know if they are planning to update Evolution to use Oauth2 or is there a work around to get Gmail to work. I have seen that you can get an online Gnome account and use that to get Gmail but if I was going to do that I might as well just continue going online to look at my Gmails like I have been doing for years. Thanks for any info anyone can give. The version of Evolution I have installed is 3.36.5 Oubuntu1.

You might try the steps outlined here:

Open with Root Privileges:

sudo nano /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/50-systemd-user.sh

Add these two lines:

    session    include      system-local-login
    session    optional     pam_gnome_keyring.so auto_start

Remove ~/.local/share/keyrings

rm ~/.local/share/keyrings

Reboot and test...

Part of the trouble here stems more from the Google side than it does Evolution or even Gnome.

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I have my Gmail set up on Evolution, it's what I use for a calendar

I just checked my settings in Evolution and Gmail is Oauth2 under Authentication.

When you add the email, enter your name and email... Uncheck look up mail server settings.

Hit next. Make sure Imap is at the top, enter your server, imap.gmail.com, enter your email again. leave it on TLS, then under Authentication use the pull down menu and Oauth2 (google) should be there. Select it. Then click next and do the rest.


I don't know what is different about doing it that way or letting Evolution look up the settings because the end settings seem to be the same but your way worked and letting Evolution look up the settings didn't work. Thanks to you and Aravisian for your help. I didn't try Aravisian's suggestion because yours seemed simpler. But I would have tried his if yours didn't work.

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Very Welcome

I usually always uncheck that no matter the email client, I have had issues with Outlook and Thunderbird doing the same thing on various emails.

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