OBS studio 29 don't start

I just install Zorin OS Lite in my old Inspiron 1525. I downloaded OBS studio 29 following the instructions on obsproject.com. The installation is complete but OBS is'nt starting. How could i solve it?

What happens if you run the command;

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Gday @vitagcd ,
I just installed OBS on my OLD dell laptop yesterday, works good.
I have the OBS Studio 25.0.8 32bit.

As i couldn't find it in the software app store,
I searched for obs for linux xfce.
I ended up back at obsproject site.

Click the big white Link " Download on Flathub "
save the D/L to your pc.
Then open terminal & run below commands.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:obsproject/obs-studio
sudo apt update
sudo apt install ffmpeg obs-studio

The D/L has 32/64bit app's, it will choose the one that suit's your pc.

I also have it on this pc Zorin core 64bit.

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