Observation about linux users

The subject about observation linux users is they always searching a better version linux when we comes to distrowatch. I know the place distribution are little tweaky.
So i observed than when Zorin go new version then take a place in top 10 and about one year and little more go down. Why? Because coming some new futures on mint or new distribution Endeavour or Linux Lite? The next observation linux is free and working mostly with all computers not the same like a corporation one operating system for one pc without choice.
The situations are propably more - price new computers or expensive.
You can feel free to writing some more observation what you have a experience around people etc.

I wonder if this is actually part of the problem.
While "free" certainly feels nice... I mean... Wages are down and costs are up...
Free Linux may be causing Linux Developers to look for money in places that they should not.
And it invites wealthy investors who have no interest in the desktop users welfare.


What is your advice @Aravisian about feeling Linux soon will be with paying? For me if will be cheapest from Apple with the same stable operating system and good for gaming like a windows. Because apple isn't a gaming platform. Some solution if in future will be for $? Propably that is true when people from Linux working for corporation - example Titus tech from YouTube channel. Microsoft selling distribution from debian on name Wlinux or WSL2

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Some person told me if you want better understand Linux start with Slackware or LFS. Slackware i found some books in my language a Man Radosław Sokol wrote books and he have experience. Some one have some more ideas books?

It is a hard call.
Logically, what I said above stands:

However, human greed is also notorious.
Looking at Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple and others, we see a common trend.
They can never get enough money.
Jeff Bezos is so wealthy, that in the rest of his lifetime, he is still incapable of actually enjoying all of his money. He has to pay some of that money to people to keep track of how much money he has. And if one were to tip into his wallet - he wouldn't even notice what was missing. He has more than he can manage.
But try convincing him of that. Even though his human brain is incapable of fathoming the numbers of how much money he has, he still believes that more is better.
Ask Bezos how big a room he would need to accommodate 50 million dollars stacked in one dollar bills, tightly packed. He would have no idea what the answer is. He is unable to conceptualize it. He does not know how much 50 million is.

Produce a product. Like cereal or a candy bar.
Over time, slowly shrink the size of the product. But keep the price the same.
People will buy it just as much as they did when it was bigger.

So, while it is logical that Pay For Linux would produce a more developed product... It is human that greed would corrupt it.
Instead of putting forth your best work... Just improve Linux a little bit and spend only a little bit more than you used to - and fatten your wallet with the rest.
The people will buy it. The fans will promote it ferociously.
And when it comes down to enough uhappy users complaining enough, raise the price higher than you need to, develop it less than you should but more than you were before and fatten your wallet with what you didn't spend on development from raising the price.
Then people will say "Oh look... they improved it. Let's pay them."

In spite of this unhappy reality, it still seems like a bigger budget into Linux would be the lesser of two evils.
If we pay by the mile and get an inch, it is still an inch more than we have now.

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Good point and good examples.
We have two people on this sides people who share a knowledge and gived to another like a "Jesus" and another type people "greedy". With product ok but most products are not worth a price what they have and that exist on market with many years. Well the finish on this all solutions is creating own operating system. I wrote on one topic you changed SystemD in Zorin for SysVinit. What I understable you are coming from old school where i wondering linux is a part your a life all time.
For me if i choose something with time what i can do in free time i would like learning that because that is awesome.
Problem is where to finding that all. I remember i bought a long time a book one from Douglas Comer
The all information what are they very precise and described the same what student learning on University with a half part in first year.

No, actually. I never had anything to do with Linux until just before the release of Zorin OS 15.
It is a regret: I feel like I migrated over too late and arrived in time only to see Linux morph into something too much like Windows.

I did buy a couple of books. But what I discovered was - reading a book without Guided Education was tedious and hard to maintain.
What I found that works (at least somewhat) for me was to set a goal about something I want to do or to change.
Then learn how to achieve that goal.
If I achieve it, then set about a new goal.
One goal at a time.


I've already pointed out in another thread you started in similar vein, and pointed out that Zorin 15.3 downloads are actually increasing. Also backed up by my Murena notifications of my unofficial manual for Zorin 15 still being downloaded. Distrowatch can't be trusted, can't remember the reason why. And I still can't remember how I came across Devuan but so pleased I did.

For me what i understable some corporation build the "name logo" with a many years to catch customers. So for me this is weird some "fresh distributions" kill the long term on market some distributions like a example a Zorin. Maybe because sometimes people want believe with something what for them is good and then if that is good why changed? Humor or joke with that like some a political sides where people sitting on they chair "ubuntu", "arch" , "debian" , "slackware".

Distrowatch measures hits on the page, not how many people use or install an OS.
So it is not that Distrowatch seeks to mislead; but rather that what it reports can be easily misunderstood.

One what i wondering why all super computers and servers working on linux and not using another systems? They are like switzerland cheese with holes? Maybe because linux is biggest social community?

Working on Linux does not necessarily mean working on Linux Desktop.
For a supercomputer, having a slim and tailored Linux build is fare easier to work with.
Plus, you do not Windows throwing one of their updates at a supercomputer calculating the statistical probabilities of the Universe...

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That is true some version unix,linux are implemented any hardware technology. I will trying focus more understand linux from inside.

News version linux distributions are on new or old Kernel? Newer distributions are not similar to another? Some died distributions are sold to new developers?

Your post reminded me of a group LUG conference call with a Linux Magazine editor who told me that an aerospace company used VAX computers to compute up to 250,000 stress factors on aircraft. The company migrated to using M$ Excel which only could calculate up to 30,000 stress factors plus no logs of potential failures and being used in tests of European Jet Fighter. Only consolation not being used in respect of civilian aircraft!

Oh dear...I could write a short story about of what is being discussed.

First: I am a fan of supporting programmers and group efforts to improve software that I use. That is why I paid for Zorin Pro and did so without any second thoughts. With free software there are no expectations for a user to reasonably have. After evaluating Zorin I purchased the Pro with an understanding I could count on their support. I remember when Red Hat went into the money game...look how well they have done. At that time, Linux users were bemoaning RH and calling them rather rude names. I left Linux shortly there after as the bulk of the distros were not ready for prime time.

Now, programmers are a dime a dozen and the world is full of them. With the advent of Patreon, Paypal, etc. programmes have found a way they can do a port and actually get some money for it. The hope is that one day they can take the software to the big leagues and sell it either as their own company or to sell it to another company. In the end, the mature product that supports the programmers will be about money.

Second: When I decided to move away from Win 7 and to Linux I made the decision to not distro hop looking for the perfect Linux. Thus, I began reading on the available distros that would enable me to move from Win 7 to Linux. I have close to zero desire to compile or use terminal unless absolutely needed. It is likely that most folks that moved to Linux and then left, left because of the needless complexity and the non-Windows like interface. Not to mention a host of available GUI's, none of which were stable, or stable for long. Programmers that are making money have the incentive to produce a product that will sell itself and bring people to the shop. Zorin does that for me...it brought me back into Linux and away from Windows because it is a rather mature product that closely mimics Windows...at least enough that I can wade through what I find cumbersome.

I could probaly write more but good heavens, it is likely not many will read the above. :grin:

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Perhaps I am getting cynical as I age.
But it is all about the money.
It always was...
R.H.L. went for the money and they looked in darker places to find it.

But they have them, nonetheless. You had expectations. You, yourself said you refuse to compile and use the terminal only as a bare necessity.
When these expectations were not met, you left Linux.
Expectations are all about money, too. When you really think about it, it makes sense.
Look at that person, you know the one, yelling and banging their fist on the Fast Food Counter demanding the Treatment That They Deserve.
It's a marketing strategy, though. We are taught this behavior by the very companies we throw fits in - "You should get the Product you deserve..."
What people expect of any product or company is based on money. Mainly, the customer feeling like they get more product for that money.
And feeling empowered and entitled when they pay for something.
It's like having an illusion of control.

What I like about FOSS, even compiling or using the terminal, is shredding the illusion. Feeling like I actually do have a bit more control. Not being utterly helpless and dependent on the developer; but independently capable.
Perhaps this is a motive for those who become developers.

Even so, you are right:

I am not condoning it. I do not like it. I do not agree with it.
But this is how it is. We live in a world where often, might makes right. And money talks.
When we walk into Linux with Expectations and a lock on our wallet, R.H.L., Canonical, Gnome Foundation... these guys knew that money talks. And us brown coat inniepenants just weren't talking. We were expecting, instead.
They stopped listening to us.
They stopped caring about our calls for features and just kept removing them.
And the bugs we reported only got fixed when they got something out of it.
They started listening to the money that talks.

It's funny... you know... Mac OS really is pretty much Linux. Just a very well developed Unix-Based OS. It holds about 7% of the Market with Microsoft controlling the rest and Linux picking up the 2% debris.
Yet, Apple is a two trillion dollar company. Just like Microsoft.
Normally, I might say, "I'm just saying..."
But I'm not.
Money is.

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Weak-willed people hate freedom. Their involvement in FOSS would be to profit from a small investment.

You can still get the base Linux MacOS was built on, Darwin.

And let's not forget the most misquoted saying, "The love of money is the root of all evil", it is not money per se.


I seeing linux with many possibilities where can be configure from user and not a corporation. That why i prefer terrminal. In terminal propably with command you can finding all problems.