Occasional login loops

Hi all, every once in a while when opening my laptop I've noticed I am logged out entirely. I've been wondering if perhaps it's the custom partitioning I set up for my most recent installation:

or one of the extensions I have installed:

Can someone please provide some insight on how I can fix this?

Whenever I close my notebook lid, the lid switch activates the screen lock. I'm wondering if the lid switch has been set to log you out?

If you go to your settings manager and then access the power options, you can see what the lid switch is set to.

I just checked that now. No option to change what it does though...

CTL ALT F2 to enter terminal. Copy paste the code below into terminal window and hit enter.

sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

Launch the app by typing in terminal...


Find the section under POWER, and under the LID SWITCH setting, tell it to do nothing. Hope this helps.

I tried that and still nothing. Not sure what else is happening that would cause this. Perhaps it's because my home folder is on a seperate partition?

Unfortunately I have run out of ideas on this one, as I am quite stumped. Maybe @Aravisian @Carmar will be able to provide a solution.

Try alt+F2 dconf-editor then browse to: /org/gnome/desktop/lockdown/disable-log-out and toggle the setting and see if that does it.

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This was me at the O.P. :smiley:

On extensions- Notorious. The easiest method of testing peripheral effects is to remove --purge the extension and test with out it- then try the next.
Once, back when I was using Gnome on Zorin 12.4, two extensions conflicted eachother. I removed each extension one at a time with no clues given. When I removed them all, the problem stopped. Then it became a matter of narrowing down which two.
Which... I got lazy and did not bother with. I did not bother reinstalling the extensions and later, I switched to XFCE.
Perhaps carmar is on to something that a gsetting will solve.

I ended up reinstalling with the default partition layout, that seems to have solved it. Thanks for everyone's help though.