.odt file thumbnail/preview

ZorinOS lite/core (checked both)

Even with Libre Office installed, in folder/desktop view I can not see the thumbnails of .odt/doc files.

Is there any way I can enable it in Zorin?

You can try

sudo apt install -y libgsf-bin

Did not work.

This is what I have
This is what I need

i have a solution for both xfce(lite) and gnome(core)
what do u prefer??

Are you serious? XFCE seems better for me..

ok...so I'll find the article with da solution for xfce :wink:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:flimm/ooo-thumbnailer
sudo apt-get install ooo-thumbnailer
sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:flimm/ooo-thumbnailer

close and reopen the file manager.
this works only for .odt files. searching for a solution for .doc

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I dont know how to thank you. It works indeed for .odt!

I'll mark the thread Solved. If that isn't the case let me know.

the way to thank me is seeing you liking zorin os... hehe

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