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That is exactly why I bought a notebook with 32GB. I do production and gaming, so I need the RAM. I actually feel for those who run many VM's and need 64GB or more, cause they are the folks that are really paying for RAM. You can easily spend between 500 to 1000 dollars on RAM alone if your a hardcore user.

I agree with you however, for the average user of Linux, I think that 8GB of RAM is enough for most use cases. I got 8GB of RAM in my Star Labs notebook with Zorin on it, and it runs perfectly fine, a bit slow cause its an old dual core, but it runs!

16GB of RAM I would recommend for non-hardcore gamers, and folks that do light production in the 1080P variety, but not 4K!

Right, I forgot your message about production, guess you made the right decision there.
I belong to the 16GB users. Play a game once in a while and do some multitasking. But mostly I didn't like the sound of the fans spinning or the pc getting to hot, that's why I choose 16GB instead of 8GB


This application provides its own icons in /usr/share/isomaster/icons

It then calls on these icons only and does not look to the system icons.

They can still be replaced within that folder, but this is tedious as you would need to go into that folder each time and replace the icons everytime you want to change icon set.

I made the icons before I realized this...-sigh-

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@Aravisian I am a big fan of your Prawler icons. Because there is so many icons, I am never going to be able to view them all at once. So I see them whenever I load up an APP I haven't yet.

I love the Chrome and Firefox icons, they look great. I love the terminal icon, very logical. The Gimp icon is spot on awesome. And the Psensor logo is wicked cool looking.

Again, I am sure they are all awesome, but there is probably what 1000 icons, never gonna see them all. But you have done amazing work with the Prawler icon set, pure and simple.

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Well, here's your Prowler.



How did you even know they exist?:expressionless:

I test if this is part of the normal usage. It seems so...

I wish I could max out my ram to 16gb. For now, I do 8gb cause this will be my first hardware upgrade. :joy:

Just stumbled across this- interesting points of view:


Yeah, I now what you mean. All the effort and time.

Have this with Libreelec (kodi), have been using a certain skin that I like (blackglass nova). Themed it all to my liking and now with kodi on version 19, I discovered that the creator of that skin won't be supported it anymore. So no new release for the blackglass skin in kodi 19.0.

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If 8GB ram is enough for just the simple mutitasking - not heating up your hardware - then just stick with it.

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This cannot be fixed somehow ?

They are not listed, there.

Ooh, but they do. This is where I saw them


I 100% forgot that I switched to them for the screenshot...:open_mouth:

me brain broken thinking hard


Yeah, ... but when do we get to use em, :stuck_out_tongue:

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I found a couple of guides online, none of them solve the problem. Its more then likely hardware specific, and there is just nothing useful online to fix.

Yes I am patiently wait for the icons too .... here is how my Copperdeck 3 Theme is set up .... I use

vallis for windows borders .... as I like the big yellow buttons in the top right corner (easier to see)

Tango for my icons .... while awaiting Copperdeck 3

Copperdeck 3 for my controls

Adwaita for my mouse pointer because ????

Copperdeck 3 for my desktop ....

A smorgasbord I know but it does work for now for me .... LOL