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Hi there, earlier I was trying to use the office online Microsoft excel application through the Firefox browser and found that it did not work. I have used Office Online's Excel system with Ubuntu before and it worked quite well, but am new to Zorin. I have a free account. Has anyone had any experience with this and found a suitable work around to using Microsoft Excel Online?

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If it's the browser itself that's causing problems, you might try SRWare Iron. It's Chrome, but with all the corporate spyware neutered.

Basically, you download the .deb file to your desktop, open it in Software Center (right-click the .deb file icon, select  Open with other application , select  Software ), install it from within Software Center, and then start and configure the browser.

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I don't have an account to try it with but, I have Microsoft Edge in Zorin via the Software Center - just in case I run into a "this browser isn't supported bla bla" page from Firefox!

I would think it would work with Edge - but have thought wrong on things before.. :thinking:

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This is how to install the Web app and you can use offline, I think.


I would recommend this option. Easy to look up "Office365WebDesktop" in the software center and download, or you can do the snapd installation as well if you prefer.

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i know someone suggested a webapp, but I use office online on firefox on zorin and it's not giving any problem for me

just in case this helps solve the initial problem and you prefer this over the webapp: when i want to open documents on office online i first go to onedrive's website, log in, create or open the document I need and it always worked for me. Do you use a different method for accessing office online?

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