Office365webdesktop snap crashes when logging in

Has anyone used this? I tried it on another Zorin 17 installed machine but worked - this one, Asus ZenBook doesn't like to run..

When I start typing into the login prompt the app crashes but, I'm not too sure how to diagnose the issue being a snap..

Not that big of a deal, I can just use the webapps in firefox - I haven't tried much yet, I'm currently using Windows (:face_vomiting:) for work and have some hours before I'm relieved.

Does anything show in Logs at the time the crash occurs?

I'm not sure what log to check on that front.. I'm on it now though.

I think I got something working.. I downloaded the webapps .deb package, got it installed, and it does work.. the other snap worked better imho but, I'll just have to deal with it I suppose heh..

For now marking this as the solution but, we'll see if any updates come along that change that - maybe just a bug..

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