Offline Google Drive access

Zorin OS has a deflault support for Google Drive, but not for accessing selected files offline like on Windows. Is there an app that install Google Drive with offline access ?

On GNOME Software I found Open Drive that's a Linux version of Google Drive. But reading its description and that of the other results it's not clear whether they allow offline access to files as well. Typically in a software you can (in fact, for example, on Gmail you can access e-mail even offline) but it's not necessarily the case that all developers of this type of software allow the user to access files even offline. This is simply to avoid the fact that it's perhaps seeing a file that had been deleted from the server and then at the next synchronization it see that file is lost. You can search Google Drive on GNOME Software and read more details at the software's official link. If it's not specified if the software allows you to access files offline you can ask the developers (there is usually at least an e-mail address or a dedicated forum) or just try one of the results right away to see if you can access files offline as well. The alternative is using the browser's offline mode if available.

There's something called "VGrive" in Software - seems to be what you're mentioning. Have not used it though so, can't really say. Says it has file syncing and all, may be what you're looking for.. As far as offline access - not too sure.. When I use my G-drive it's like mounting a USB or external disk.

Yeah when i use the system's gdrive thing it mounts it like a USB stick, but it can't be mounted if you're offline.

Correct - that's an online storage mount, you will need internet to use.