Oh, but those two apps!

I love ZorinOS...best O/S out there. BUT!!! I was missing two essential apps...FileMaker Pro and Plotagon Studio. Then I found CrossOver for Linux...was able to install both apps on my Zorin computer.


Interesting ..... I watched some of the videos and heard the word Wine mentioned ..... does it take Wine to work on Zorin ???? .... I couldn't find anything on their website to verify this ....

Kinda expensive little beastie .... $59 per year and $499 lifetime .... I can only assume all updates etc. will be included ..... I'm kinda interested but will need more input from members here about what they think .... especially gaming .... I just found nearly 75 more DVD's of original games from the 80's & 90's on them ....

The people behind Crossover are the same that are making/maintaining Wine. Crossover is an easy way to use Wine where they have tested and polished it to work with minimum effort.
Wine is not needed for Crossover to work.