Oh no! Something has gone wrong

Oh no! Something has gone wrong error in Zorin os 16 (based on Ubuntu 20.4)

Today I have updated my system with software and updates and then after installing of updates it asked me for a restart so I pressed yes and then my system started to reboot and after boot a sad face camera To my screen saying "oh no! something has gone wrong" . Then I searched for some tips in Google and according to the tips I pressed Ctrl + Alt + F3 and this came

Then I entered sudo apt-get update and pressed enter. Then I try to enter my password but my password was not entering, then I thinker that maybe it's like sudo su and I enter my password and pressed enter but it showed login failed so I thought that there may be a mistake and tried, again and it showed login failed and I have tried it's 13 times more and still every time it is only showing login failed. I am sure that I Amy not entering wrong password but it is saying wrong. Why this is happening. Please help me.

  • My name is Adarsh Meher
  • I am using Zorin os 16 which is based on Ubuntu 20.4
  • I am a new Linux user.
  • I am using Lenovo G50-70
  • If you know what is the problem then please help me.
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Instead of using the TTY prompt, can you try booting Zorin. When you see the grub menu, (You may need to tap tab or esc key starting at the motherboard splash screen) select Advanced options for Zorin
Open the Recovery Menu and arrow key down to enable networking
Once done, back out to the Recovery menu and arrow key down to Drop to Root Prompt
Hit enter
then run

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop

The likeliest culprit is GDM3. But the above command should ensure that all the relevant packages are corrected.


Sir thank you very much but I am not getting the Recovery Menu. Please help me to find that.

Are you seeing the Advanced Options for Zorin listing?
Are you seeing the grub menu, at all?

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Yes sir, I can see.

When you enter that, you should see options for Booting from any kernels you have installed and below each kernel, an option for Recovery
Selecting the recovery will take you to the recovery menu.
This is not screen I see very often, so my memory of what it looks like may be hazy.

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Okay, thank you sir

Sir I can't say how happy I am now. Sir now some kind of processing is going on

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Okay thank you sir

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Sir I booted my PC and this screen is comming.
Sir please help me :cry:

Sir, please help me.

Hello sir please help me


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