Old Fumble Fingers Did It Again

Trying to find a solution to install an add-on to Gimp to remove items from pictures ..... can't do that on XnView DE .... tried to install it on Gimp ver 2.99 which I have installed but couldn't get it to work ....

I then had a brain storm .... install ver 2.10 also cause it is said to work on it .... wanting to distinguish the two from each other I went for the flatpak version ..... which worked just fine but when I opened flatpak list I found all this garbage came along with installing flatpak .....

How can I get rid of about 80% of this â– â– â– â–  .....

mike@mike-ROG-Strix-G731GT-G731GT:~$ flatpak list
Name Application ID Version Branch Installation
Eyedropper ….github.finefindus.eyedropper 1.0.0 stable system
Foliate …m.github.johnfactotum.Foliate 3.1.0 stable system
Minder com.github.phase1geo.minder 1.16.3 stable system
Xournal++ com.github.xournalpp.xournalpp 1.2.2 stable system
OBS Studio com.obsproject.Studio 30.0.2 stable system
Blanket com.rafaelmardojai.Blanket 0.6.0 stable system
Fragments de.haeckerfelix.Fragments 2.1.1 stable system
HandBrake fr.handbrake.ghb 1.7.3 stable system
OpenToonz io.github.OpenToonz 1.7.1 stable system
Planify io.github.alainm23.planify 4.4 stable system
Pomodoro io.gitlab.idevecore.Pomodoro 1.4.1 stable system
Scribus net.scribus.Scribus 1.6.1 stable system
Ardour org.ardour.Ardour 8.2.0 stable system
Audacity org.audacityteam.Audacity 3.4.2 stable system
Codecs ….audacityteam.Audacity.Codecs stable system
Blender org.blender.Blender 4.0.2 stable system
Codecs org.blender.Blender.Codecs stable system
darktable develop… org.darktable.Darktable 4.6.1 stable system
FreeCAD org.freecadweb.FreeCAD stable system
TAP-plugins …esktop.LinuxAudio.Plugins.TAP 1.0.1 23.08 system
SWH …esktop.LinuxAudio.Plugins.swh 0.4.17 23.08 system
Freedesktop Platf… org.freedesktop.Platform 22.08.21 22.08 system
Freedesktop Platf… org.freedesktop.Platform 23.08.11 23.08 system
Mesa …eedesktop.Platform.GL.default 23.3.5 22.08 system
Mesa (Extra) …eedesktop.Platform.GL.default 23.3.5 22.08-extra system
Mesa …eedesktop.Platform.GL.default 23.3.4 23.08 system
Mesa (Extra) …eedesktop.Platform.GL.default 23.3.4 23.08-extra system
nvidia-535-154-05 …Platform.GL.nvidia-535-154-05 1.4 system
Intel …edesktop.Platform.VAAPI.Intel 22.08 system
Intel …edesktop.Platform.VAAPI.Intel 23.08 system
ffmpeg-full …edesktop.Platform.ffmpeg-full 23.08 system
openh264 …freedesktop.Platform.openh264 2.1.0 2.2.0 system
Feeds org.gabmus.gfeeds 2.2.0 stable system
GNU Image Manipul… org.gimp.GIMP 2.10.36 stable system
Resynthesizer …imp.GIMP.Plugin.Resynthesizer 2.0.3 2-40 system
GNOME Network Dis… org.gnome.NetworkDisplays 0.92.1 stable system
GNOME Application… org.gnome.Platform 44 system
GNOME Application… org.gnome.Platform 45 system
Secrets org.gnome.World.Secrets 8.0 stable system
Inkscape org.inkscape.Inkscape 1.3.2 stable system
Adwaita theme org.kde.KStyle.Adwaita 5.15-23.08 system
Adwaita theme org.kde.KStyle.Adwaita 6.5 system
KDE Application P… org.kde.Platform 5.15-23.08 system
KDE Application P… org.kde.Platform 6.5 system
QGnomePlatform ….PlatformTheme.QGnomePlatform 5.15-23.08 system
QGnomePlatform ….PlatformTheme.QGnomePlatform 6.5 system
QAdwaitaDecoratio… …ecoration.QAdwaitaDecorations 5.15-23.08 system
QAdwaitaDecoratio… …ecoration.QAdwaitaDecorations 6.5 system
QGnomePlatform-de… …ion.QGnomePlatform-decoration 5.15-23.08 system
QGnomePlatform-de… …ion.QGnomePlatform-decoration 6.5 system
KDE org.kde.kdenlive 23.08.4 stable system
Krita org.kde.krita 5.2.2 stable system
Mixxx DJ Software org.mixxx.Mixxx 2.3.6 stable system
Denaro org.nickvision.money 2024.2.0 stable system
VLC org.videolan.VLC 3.0.20 stable system

These are the only 2 items I rally want to keep ..... Gimp and the add-on .....

GNU Image Manipul… org.gimp.GIMP 2.10.36 stable system
Resynthesizer …imp.GIMP.Plugin.Resynthesizer 2.0.3 2-40 system

Found this video on the tube and it to me was very informative .... I think it would be great for newbies including me ......

Now to figure out which are apps and which I need to leave installed .....


These specific names can be used to uninstall flatpaks.

flatpak uninstall org.kde.krita

From the looks of it, only the below might be what you would be interested in keeping:

Once all you want removed are gon, you can run

flatpak uninstall --delete-data

Launch GIMP and test the plugin and that it is working, then close it out and run:

flatpak uninstall --unused

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For those who just want a .deb version of GIMP:


For Kria:

or any other package that might be available:


[Will be updating the unofficial manual to reflect this option of third party installation]


Thanks I'll work on it today .....

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