On screen keyboard help help

i installed on/1061/on-screen-keyboard-button/ and now the OSK is opening whenebver I enter a text field- HOW DO I STOP IT I REMOVED THE EXTENSION AND RESTARTED

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Okay sorry I can't type with the keyboard constantly disturbing me. I need to remove the OSK because it now pops up whenever I enter a text field.

My computer is now UNUSABLE and I do not want to have to reinstall Zorin for a fourth time. Please help me remove the Caribou keyboard from popping up every time.

Is there ANY WAY to get rid of this?

Please help me, I am very panicked. I may lose my files again if I have to reinstall Zorin and I can do nothing else if this shows up in text windows when i am not using touchscreen. What did I break and how do I kill the OSK? (On screen keyboard)

Okay, turns out i could remove it with settings. However, search had not pulled this up and it was in accessibility.

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Yeah that was quite dumb. I got overly concerned and wasn't being rational Ah well, it's fixed now and no more issues.


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