On the fly de/Compression

Love where Zorin is headed! One matter that needs to be addressed ASAP is On the Fly File Compression / Decompression. I use this feature on NTFS drives with Windows. Since there is no such thing as enough storage - might I suggest that the Zorin OS implement on the fly compression and manage it - by increasing compression ratios on files that are not re-written often via disk management. Exclude naturally compressed files based on extensions to keep speed high. Solid-state drives and multi-core processors make it more efficient to compress than to store RAW. Zorin should lead the way & this feature by itself may attract clients who manage large data sets that are highly compressible. Consider it because Zorin should scream "EFFICIENCY".

Filesystem compression is, obviously, a filesystem feature. If you want compression, reinstalling with a filesystem that actually supports it (like BTRFS) is possible.

Even if the Zorin team decided to switch the default filesystem used, you'd still need to reinstall.

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