Onboard intel graphics/dedicated graphics card Fan running a lot

That is a good point.
After I installed MXLinux on my husband's HP Probook, he complained about fan noise and I had to get into the BIOS to change the fan setting. I think check the BIOS settings first is a good strategy before meddling with software aspect.

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Nothing in the bios and sensors reports good low temperatures.

Im still interested in "killing" the intel and making the amd default if you would have any ideas in that direction please?

Im just reading amd`s note for the linux catalyst control

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In terminal, please edit your environment file:

sudo nano /etc/environment

Arrow key to the bottom of the file and add this line: DRI_PRIME=1
Press ctrl+x to exit, hit the y key to say yes to save, then the enter key to save as current configuration. The terminal will revert to normal.

sudo reboot

Test if AMD is now default.

(Note: You can also annotate that line to be specific to only use AMD as default for specific programs and software by adding the software name. For example, DRI_PRIME=1 steam.)

OK thanks I will give that a go and report back tomorrow.
Thanks everyone.

Editing the enviroment file worked .
Unfortunately there is a mouse scroll wheel lag problem whilst using the amd graphics card, I have disabled it in the bios and am using the intel onboard graphics now.

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So, does this mean we are back to square one?

If you want to take a full advantage of the hybrid graphics, you might want to check out the distro which is optimized for gaming. Pop!OS and Manjaro+KDE were the 2 recommendations I saw in Reddit.

No, it means ,sod the amd graphics Im happy with the intel onboard for what I use it for.
I was only trying out the other to see what differences there would be twixt the two.
Thanks for Your efforts I am very happy with Zorin and have put it on all our laptops and desktops.

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