One quick thing to try with unresponsive / weird USB connections

If you're having issues with USB devices or USB hubs (normally the cheaper ones), give this a shot; it's saved me and a few others so far from much frustration --

libusb-dev - Is the package that's saved me and a few others so far. Be it a USB-to-OBDII code reader, one of my main issues; or a USB hub but, usually the cheaper ones.

Install with:

sudo apt install libusb-dev
  • reboot, and test the USB that was giving issues.

That does actually work with printers as well - a newer post was somewhat solved (USB side of things) with libusb-dev. Once that was installed, USB printing was functioning. Also a USB hub that wasn't working well - installed libusb-dev and woke right up!

So, if you've got anything that doesn't work too well over USB - absolutely give that a try! :grin:


I'm adding this to my list of "Voodoo Fixes".
Will probably add it to the education deployment script as well, to capture edge cases.