Online Account - Put.IO Network Drive Mount like GDrive


Looking for support with Settings - Online Accounts - Add an account functionality in Z16/Ubuntu.

In short:
I want to add online accounts not currently listed in Online Accounts with one condition:

  • Without resorting to using rclone to link to my account, or another account not listed.

Is there a script or plugin that someone knows about for something like this?

  • I know about the --daemon flag that can be used with rclone and use it just fine - I prefer the intuitive design of having it all in the same menu location to avoid any CLI needed by rclone.
    *In the same fashion as if I were to re-add my Google Drive account.

  • Is it possible to get the same function, but with in the list of cloud services providers and able to be linked in that way?
    **rclone is great because it supports so many different services and providers, but it is CLI and not part of this operating system.

Is there a way to get rclone GUI functionality in Zorin?

If I'm not mistaken, adding more accounts to GNOME (Zorin's desktop) is done in source, though, I'm sure there is a way to add it here anyways :thinking:

I'd maybe look around on the Gnome Extensions page..I guess?

I was put under the impression that it wouldn't be possible - but I agree it does seem doable, but I have no idea where to start and which other keywords I could use. Google hasn't been friendly to me.

I'm not exactly sure either, maybe something like "Add more accounts to GNOME accounts"?

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