Online Account Sync stopped working (Google Account)

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I always used the "Online Account" setting to integrate my Google Calendar into the GNOME Calendar. A few days ago, the synchronisation suddenly stopped working. I tried to delete my Google Account and after that add it again. I am logged into the account on the settings page and I can select via the checkboxes which data i want to sync (Mail, Calendar, ...). But now, my Google Calendars dont even show up in the GNOME Calendar.
I couldnt find any similar issues in the forum, so I am wondering what could have caused this problem.

Thank you in advance!

See if this askubuntu thread helps:

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It suddenly worked again, don't really know what was up. But thank you for helping!

I had been having problems with Google not working from online accounts. After a great deal of work trying to fix it, I gave up and reinstalled Zorin. Going into online accounts and trying to authenticate Google, it freezes right after I confirm my 2FA. After that it will seem to be set up, but none of the Google access items work. Very frustrating, because it was working fine until about a month and a half ago. I can use a program like rsync and authenticate just fine. It's something with Gnome

Hi and welcome to the forum. I like your profile name, that takes me back a bit :slight_smile:
You mention Gnome, so are you running Pro or Core edition of ZorinOS?
It would help us help you if you could edit your profile to indicate there which edition of ZorinOS you have.

Has your Google problem occurred when it was OK on Zorin before, or is it a new install?

EDIT: a websearch of "google account authentication ubuntu 20.04"
Found this, which although refers to Ubuntu 18.04 (Zorin15) should be valid.

Hi, Thanks for replying. Yea I'm 55 and my High School had TRS-80 Model III's and Commodore PETs. I seen It all from the beginning. I had a 300 baud modem......back when computing was FUN !!
Anyhoo, yea, actually I had Zorin installed on an old Fujitsu laptop for the last year. I started getting errors syncing the contact list in Evolution, so I downloaded the newest version of that and it worked OK till about a month ago when I started having problems connecting to anything that Evolution does. I also couldn't access my Google Drive. I started using Rsync a little ways back to get to some of my other cloud drives and that still works fine. I decided to repurpose my laptop as a Plex server, so I bought a 2TB SSD, and did a clean install of Zorin. Same Problem, no Google connectivity. When you get to the point when you grant (Allow) the Gnome plugin to access your Google stuff (after going through 2FA), It just hangs there for like 5 minutes. It acts like it succeeded, you get all the sliders, but none of it actually works. I'll look at the link you provided and let you know if it was of any help.

Fun fact. Bill Gates wrote DOS originally for Tandy/Radio Shack for the TRS-80 Model I running a Z-80 running at a blistering 1.2 MHz with 4K of RAM. It was called TRS-DOS. It was later modified to work on the the Intel 8086, behold MS-DOS. As you know, x86 is still alive and well. Of course, Linux is based on Unix from that era. Smart folks back then.

OK. Remember as Zorin16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04, you can simply add "ubuntu 20.04" instead of "Zorin" when doing websearches. That is likely to widen the search and may reveal more clues.

OK, Figured it out. Turns out I was having what I thought was an unrelated issue with my Google Home speakers (they would intermittently stop responding to voice commands) and the solution was to turn off IPv6 on my new Linksys 5500 series WiFi 6 router. That cured the speaker problem, so I went over to my Zorin machine and tried again to use "Online Accounts" to set up a Google account and it worked perfectly. I'm happy once again, killed 2 birds with one stone.

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I like it when that happens :smiley:

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