Online Accounts - are files stored locally?

This is hopefully fairly simple, but if I link Google Drive through "Online Accounts", are the files stored locally on my main drive, therefor taking up space, or are they stored on Drive once added to the folder - as in on-demand type access? Only downloaded when opened. Is there a way to change where Google Drive is "mounted" when connected through Online Accounts?

I'm not a huge Drive fan and instead prefer to use Proton Drive, which does not yet have a Linux app, and would rather not mess with rsync. I tried to configure it to work with Proton but it became a bit of a headache and I never got it to work properly. My thought was to use the space I currently have on Drive with Cryptomator until Proton gets a native app.

Thank you!

Oh boy - must not have been such a simple question. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

This is a user forum, we simply don't have infinite time to answer

Anyways, a couple of things:

  1. Celeste allows you to sync files configurably to/from Proton Drive, the app is built upon rsync.
  2. Online Accounts allows you to mount your Google Drive, it does not replace or modify your internal storage in any way, and it does not save things unless you copy them to your internal storage (or temporarily when interacting).
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Thanks, but there was no need to be snarky. I've asked questions before and received answers quickly. I only took that there were no responses as a sign that maybe my question wasn't as simple as I had thought, or something that had not been asked before. I'm well aware that this is a user forum, and I had no thoughts that you or anyone else had "infinite time" to answer. If you took my comment as anything else, that wasn't my intent.

Regardless, thank you again for providing some insight into my question.

Things are usually much quieter on a Saturday, that's all.


Google Drive contents are stored remotely, not locally. When you mount the Drive, it accesses the data from the server.

I do not actually understand this question... It is a virtual drive, treated as gvfs

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I don't use any big name remote drives. I prefer as all their servers are in Norway. It is OS agnostic as all you need is a browser.

Thanks, I only asked about the mounting location as I did not know the contents of the drive were only stored remotely. I thought that it could place the folder as "local" and sync the contents, like you see with native apps like Dropbox. If that was the case then I had wanted to change that sync location.

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Thanks I'll check them out.

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