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Hi there, I have recently installed Zorin OS Lite on an old laptop to breathe new life. It's working well so far. I have also been using Pop! OS to compare the two. Something that I enjoyed in Pop! OS was connecting online accounts. I have seen this feature available in Zorin Core and Zorin Pro. I'm wondering if this feature is available in Zorin Lite?

I have searched settings and the layout is different to Pro and Core screenshots I've seen here. If I search for "Online Accounts" there isn't any results. Any assistance on this would be great. Thanks for reading!

PopOS and ZorinOS Core are based on Gnome. It's a Gnome feature.


Thanks for the reply! So I'm new to Linux. What is the difference from Gnome and what ZorinOS Lite is using?

Lite is using XFCE. There are many different kind of DE's (Desktop Environments) on Linux. :slight_smile:

XFCE are more light than Gnome and is good for less powerful computers.

Ahh thanks, it's this terminology I'm lacking when trying to search online for reasons. Now I have some terms I can explore more efficiently.

Yes this laptop was suffering from stuttering on PopOS when I discovered ZorinOS Lite, designed for older computers. I have noticed an improvement since switching. Okay, I will accept this fact and access these features through browser.

It was mainly for the ease of uploading documents to online forms etc right from the file system, rather than downloading to local storage, uploading, deleting.

A suggestion if you're looking for clouding on different systems is using it support them all. I use it myself. I don't trust either Google/Microsoft/Apple my stuff and they lack of support to the Linux community.

Honestly, you could try Zorin OS core, though. They add a lot of performance improvements to Gnome that I don't think Pop OS has. So you could just try, and maybe it runs on your old machine, and then you have your online feature from Gnome.

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Just to chip in briefly with regard to online accounts, more specifically Facebook (which I don't use, I'm not f'd!) has been discussed in another thread - it is a Gnome problem that goes back 7 years with regard to not being able to setup Facebook so doubt it will ever get fixed. With regard to cloud storage I use my unGoogled Smartphone, and my Linux Desktop to save to my cloud storage - all servers are in Norway, not in Data Scraping US of A.

Yes, it is possible to use the GOA on Zorin OS LIte (based on Xubuntu):

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